Chapter 493

When the staff member saw that Liam had entered Serene World Clinic again, he scowled before he said, “Why are you back here again? Please leave now! You are not welcomed here!” Liam begged, “Brother, I have something that I’d like to say to Dr. Simmons in person. I’ll leave as soon as I say my words.” The staff member frowned before he said, “Dr. Simmons has already said that he does not want to see you. Why are you still being so thick-skinned?” Liam knelt on the ground before he yelled, “Dr. Simmons, I am Liam and I would like to speak to you face to face. Please be merciful and listen to me for a short while. If you refuse to see me, I will just kneel and wait outside until you decide to meet me!” At this time, Anthony had already walked into the consultation room at the back of Serene World Clinic. However, he could not help but sigh when he heard Liam’s voice. He had already been in contact with the illegitimate child of the Weaver family a couple of times and Anthony could

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