Chapter 492

After he was done speaking, Anthony turned around as he was ready to chase them away. Jeffrey panicked and started begging, “I’m really sorry for what I did, Dr. Simmons. I know that it was my mistake. It’s my fault. I have no complaints at all if you want to hit or scold me. It’s just that the Weaver family has encountered a huge crisis this time. Could you really bear to see the Weaver family completely destroyed just like that?” Anthony replied coldly, “Sorry, but I’m not that familiar with you at all. Moreover, your family has nothing to do with me. Please leave immediately.” As soon as he heard Anthony’s words, Jeffrey hurriedly snatched the brocade box from Liam before he handed it over to Anthony and said respectfully, “Dr. Simmons, this is just a token of my appreciation. It is a piece of Hetian jade worth more than five million dollars! Please accept it!” Anthony did not even look at the so-called Hetian jade before he said unceremoniously, “Don’t tell me how it’s worth fi

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