Chapter 48

A lot of women were envious and curious after hearing the news. Everyone was wondering who was so lucky to have a man spend millions of dollars in one night to charter the whole Sky Garden and confess his love to her! Many people were looking forward to the day to come so that they could go and have a look for themselves! In order to keep his identity secret, Charlie ordered Isaac to make a special transformation to the Sky Garden on the day of the event. At the same time, he anticipated the arrival of the day! He wanted to give Claire a once-in-a-lifetime grand wedding on their wedding anniversary! *** Charlie went to the 4s shop early the next morning. He had a bank card with a balance of ten billion dollars that he hadn’t used much of yet. This time, he wanted to spend it on a luxury car for Claire that was classy and presentable. He intended to buy her a Rolls-Royce right away, but on second thought, he was worried that Claire would not accept it. First, it would not be e

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