Chapter 47

Since Charlie had agreed to attend the class reunion, Claire reminded him, “We have to prepare some gifts for the opening of Douglas’s restaurant, we can’t go empty-handed.” Charlie nodded. “Alright, I’ll go and buy a gift from him tomorrow morning.” “Great,” Claire said, “I have to go to the Emgrand Group office tomorrow morning.” Loreen said in surprise, “Is that so? Then stop by my office when you’re done, I can carpool to Douglas’s restaurant with you at noon.” Claire smiled coyly, “Well, you can throw your wishful thinking out the window! I don’t have a car. I usually take the taxi or bus, and sometimes Charlie will fetch me with his scooter.” “What?” Loreen blurted, exasperated. “Young lady, you’re a director of a company now, why don’t you buy a car for yourself?” “I’ve just started working and haven’t made any money yet. My salary is usually used for our expenses and I have to give my mom an allowance. I’m only left with a thousand dollars or so at the end of the month an

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