Chapter 46

This was starting to get a little tricky. Charlie felt that he needed to talk to Isaac in advance and arrange for full protection on the day. He couldn’t reveal his identity no matter what. In the middle of the dinner, Loreen started, “Before I came to Aurous Hill, I talked to some of our collegemates about it and they suggested holding a class reunion. What do you think?” Charlie said immediately, “No thanks, I won’t attend.” “Why?” Loreen asked curiously. “Although we were not collegemates for four years, we spent a year together nonetheless!” When Charlie was taken in by Lord Wilson, he sent him to Aurous University in order to let him know Claire in advance. He and Claire spent the final year together in the same class. After graduation, they got married immediately. He didn’t build a friendship with anyone in the class. Besides, most of them looked down on him, so he wasn’t interested at all when he heard about the reunion. Claire shared the same reluctance. She said to Lo

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