Chapter 45

Charlie was very happy to hear his wife say so. It seemed that he had picked the best venue for their wedding anniversary. She must be so thrilled and happy on that day! They walked into the Sky Garden and sat down in the reserved seats. Soon, Loreen arrived. “Claire!” “Loreen!” The two best friends hugged each other, happiness flooding their expressions. Then, they reminisced about their past excitedly while holding hands. It took them a while until they finally calmed down from the excitement. Loreen chided, “Claire, you’re such a spendthrift. You actually booked the Sky Garden for dinner!” Claire giggled gleefully, “You’re here! Of course I’d need to spend some money!” Loreen grinned. “You’re my best friend!” “Frankly speaking, I’m not qualified to dine here. I’d asked Miss Doris Young to make the reservation for me with her membership card!” Loreen sighed. “The Sky Garden sets quite a high requirement, doesn’t it? I heard that it’s only for their Diamond members or somet

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