Chapter 44

Doris became alert and cautious as soon as Loreen said that. Charlie had just asked her to keep an eye on Loreen the day before yesterday. As soon as Loreen reported to duty, she asked about the chairman. It seemed very odd and unusual. Doris eyed the pretty young lady and thought to herself, ‘What is your purpose of coming all the way to Emgrand Group?’ She said with a smile, “Our chairman rarely comes into the office, but if he does, I’ll tell him and I’ll notify you if he wants to see you.” Loreen was a little disappointed, but she kept a smile on her face and said, “Okay, thank you, Miss Young!” As soon as Doris returned to her office, she immediately reported the matter to Charlie. Charlie became more vigilant as well when he heard that Loreen had requested to see him as soon as she reported to work. Sure enough, the lady had literally come for him. What was her purpose in approaching him? Was she trying to harm him or seduce him? Regardless of her purpose, Charlie felt

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