Chapter 49

Charlie plastered a sarcastic smile on his face and asked, “How much commission do you make on this car?” The person snarled, “Ten thousand dollars!” Charlie nodded as a sign of acknowledgment. “Okay, very well, you’ve just lost ten thousand dollars.” He then turned and went out. Coincidentally, he bumped into the manager of the shop with a name tag on his suit that read Arthur Walsh. He asked the man directly, “Are you in charge of this shop?” “Yes, I am.” Arthur nodded. “May I help you?” Charlie pointed to the rude sales executive and said, “You’d better fire that person now. He is a rotten apple that will do no good to your business here.” The person quickly dashed forward and said, “Mr. Walsh, don’t listen to his nonsense, he is crazy! He is just a poor bugger who comes to use our WiFi and air conditioning!” Charlie smiled coyly. “A poor bugger, you say? Just wait and see.” He immediately went out of the door and walked into the BMW showroom next door. As soon as he walke

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