Chapter 481

An hour later, a global express private jet landed at Tokyo Airport. After the plane landed, it taxied all the way to its own private hangar. Masao had been waiting in the hangar for a long time. As soon as the plane entered the hangar, it stopped and the door opened immediately. After that, Ichiro’s assistant jumped out of the plane eagerly with the small wooden box in his hand. He quickly ran towards Masao at this time. At this time, Masao was really looking forward to the medicine as he sat in the wheelchair. His second son Jiro was pushing the wheelchair with a blank expression on his face at this time. In fact, Jiro was really very annoyed. He was already winning the competition to become the heir of the family. Moreover, he depended on his own strength and ability to beat and dominate his own elder brother. Unexpectedly, his elder brother had actually gone to Aurous Hill just to steal the magical pills. If this medicine was really so magical, then it would not only cure his

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