Chapter 480

Ichiro had to muster up his courage to call his father. At this time, Masao was anxiously waiting for the magical pills to arrive in Tokyo. He was a very impatient person and he had already asked his family to hire an ambulance to take him directly to the airport so he could wait there instead. The Kobayashi family was very reputable in Tokyo. They even had a private independent hangar in Tokyo Airport for their private jet. Besides that, there was also a very high-end lounge in this hangar which was owned by the Kobayashi family. Therefore, Masao took his second son, Jiro, to the airport as he waited for the magical pills to arrive in Tokyo. At this time, he suddenly received a phone call from Ichiro. Masao hurriedly asked, “Ichiro, I heard that you did not board that plane when it took off earlier. Where are you now?” Ichiro hurriedly replied, “Dad! I was captured by the young lord of the Wade family in Eastcliff. He accused me of stealing the magical pills and their prescript

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