Chapter 482

Yes! A miracle! This is a miracle that even Amaterasu might not be able to achieve!” Masao was so excited that he almost went insane! Just as he was ecstatic and excited, Charlie’s phone call came in immediately. “Mr. Kobayashi, how does the effect of the medicine feel?” At this time, Masao was completely convinced of the magic medicine’s ability at this point. Therefore, he blurted out excitedly, “Mr. Wade, I accept your terms and conditions! I will purchase the patent for these magical pills for ten billion dollars!” Charlie replied, “I will give you my bank account number now. You had better transfer the money over to me within twenty minutes. Otherwise, I will expose all of your crimes and deceit to the world!” Masao hurriedly replied, “Mr. Wade, you can rest assured that I will arrange for my financial staff to transfer the money over to you now!” In fact, all of the funds in the entire Kobayashi Pharma’s financial books added up to just a little more than ten billion dolla

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