Chapter 457

Kian’s warden and his friends almost went crazy because of him. They dragged him back to the doctor’s room, suppressing their urge to vomit. The old man who was thrown to the floor by Kian whimpered innocently, “Don’t let him out if there’s something wrong with his head! What the hell! Why is he even grabbing shit to eat!” The school warden took out his wallet, looking embarrassed as ever, and handed the old man a hundred dollar bill. “Here, sir. This is the compensation for the incident, please forgive us…” The old man beamed in delight when he saw the money, and all the frustration and irritation flew out of the window. He accepted the money gracefully and asked, “So, do you need my service next time?” The warden retched in disgust and said, “No, sir, there’s no next time. Please proceed if you haven’t finished your business…” Then, he urged the students, “Hurry, get Kian to the doctor now!” When the doctor saw Kian, he vomited all his dinner and blurted, “Oh, please, take him

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