Chapter 456

Kian grabbed the doctor’s collar furiously. “If I f*cking knew why, would I still come to you?! Clean my stomach now!” The doctor was annoyed by Kian’s attitude, but as a professional doctor, he spruced up and ordered his nurse, “Prepare gastric lavage tools now!” The nurses nodded hurriedly and began to prepare for the procedure. Just then, Kian felt an intense headache like a surge of electricity flowing through his brain. Then, he lost all senses and all he could think of was—he wanted to eat shit right now! He blurted reflexively, “Where is the toilet? Where is the toilet?!” The doctor pointed to the right and said, “Turn right and go to the end.” Kian rushed out of the ward and ran toward the toilet. The warden and his friends quickly followed him. When Kian rushed into the toilet, he pushed open the first stall. Instead of using it, he looked into the toilet bowl and found that it was empty. Then, he immediately went to the next stall. The crowd was horrified by his acti

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