Chapter 458

The warden who was behind the wheel and his three friends were a little dizzy from the dreadful smell. The warden quickly wound down all the windows to let the wind blow the awful smell away. Kian blew a gasket. He turned to the man on his right and snarled, “You, Jack, tell me what happened or I’ll break you! Pay me back the two grand that I lent you the other day!” Jack shrieked in shock and stuttered, “Okay, boss, I’ll tell you everything! Just now, you went crazy again and wanted to eat that thing. We tried to stop you, but you were too strong. After breaking away from us, you ran to the hospital’s toilet, broke into a stall, dragged an old man out of the stall, and…” The more Kian listened, the more gloomy his face became. He stuttered, “Did… did I eat it?” Jack nodded cautiously. “Ye… yes…” “Bleargh…” Kian vomited. The thing that he had eaten twice in a row was now all over the car’s cushions… In an instant, the car was so smelly, it was as though it had fallen into the se

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