Chapter 449

Charlie made an appointment to meet up with Aurora at the Aurous University of Finance and Economics where she was studying later in the evening. After that, he returned home with his three hundred years old purple ginseng. On the way home, Charlie called Don Albert and Isaac respectively, telling them that someone was thinking of getting their hands on the medicine in Anthony’s hands. Therefore, he asked them to send someone to protect Anthony in secret as they kept an eye on Ichiro. As Isaac had already spent many years in Aurous Hill, he had undue influence in the city. Charlie asked Isaac to set up a secret post directly at the airport to keep an eye on Ichiro so that he would not be able to leave Aurous Hill so casually. He knew that Ichiro had to be planning to take the magical pill away from Anthony so that he could bring it back to Japan with him to analyze and study its ingredients. Therefore, Charlie was planning to set a big trap for Ichiro. Meanwhile, Ichiro had comple

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