Chapter 448

”It is already written all over your face. So, how could I possibly not know?” Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “If you have encountered any difficulties, please do not hesitate to ask for my help. You can just tell me about it.” Aurora subconsciously touched her cheeks, and she could feel that her cheeks were burning hot. Even though she was originally a very brave and cool person with a cheerful personality, she would always be very shy and embarrassed in front of Charlie. After calming herself down, she spoke up seriously, “Mr. Wade, there is indeed something on my mind. I want to ask you for your help.” Charlie nodded before he said, “Okay, tell me about it.” Aurora explained, “Mr. Wade, I have a very good friend in college. She used to have a very lively, cheerful, and positive personality. However, I feel that she has been brainwashed by her boyfriend recently, and it seems as though she is doing a lot of extreme things nowadays. There was one time when she even trie

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