Chapter 450

Charlie dragged her to the shore as he reprimanded her coldly, “Your parents are the ones who gave you your body, hair, and skin! Don’t you think that you are letting your parents down by hurting yourself just because of a scumbag?” The girl continued wailing, “Please, just let me die. Let me die now. I am just a dirty and impure person. I am too ashamed to face my parents now. I am only bringing them shame by staying alive. They will only be free when I am dead…” Charlie dragged her to the shore with ease before he finally threw her on the grass and yelled at her furiously, “D*mn it! You should not only be living for yourself, but you should also be living for your parents! They worked so hard to raise you and nurture you until you became an adult. They watched over you as you grew up, and they provided for your education. You should not be committing suicide by jumping into a lake just because of a scumbag like him! You should become a talented pillar so that you could make your pa

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