Chapter 424

Therefore, Albert carved the words as big and deep as he possibly could! The word ‘pathetic’ occupied half of Marcus’s forehead. Moreover, Albert really wrote the words terribly! It was remarkably ugly! The way that he wrote the word ‘pathetic’ was not even at the standard of a primary school student! When Albert looked at the word he had already engraved on Marcus’s forehead, he laughed before he said, “Sorry, Mr. Wade. I am actually not used to carving words with a knife. It’s really ugly…” Charlie chuckled before he asked, “Tell me the truth, Albert. How many years have you studied in the past?” Albert laughed again before he replied, “I have studied for many years, Mr. Wade. I even graduated from primary school! However, I have to admit that I did not study hard during the six years that I was in primary school…” Charlie nodded before he replied, “It’s okay. If you carved the words too beautifully, you would be letting him off too easily.” Marcus felt as though he was compl

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