Chapter 425

At this time, Marcus and the plastic face were completely desperate and worried about their future. Charlie felt much more relieved after giving them their punishment. Then, he spoke to Don Albert. “These two people are really giving me a headache. Ask them to get lost now.” Albert quickly nodded his head before kicking Marcus and saying, “Aren’t you going to get up and get lost now?” Marcus quickly stood up and ignored the dirt on his body as he hurriedly prepared to escape with the plastic face. Albert gave him another violent kick on his ass and Marcus fell to the ground again. After that, Albert said, “Listen up, both of you. I want you to come to my mansion in one week to report to me! If you do not appear in front of me, I will make sure to hack both of you to death!” “Don Albert, don’t worry. We will definitely show up…” Both of them quickly agreed before fleeing in panic, not even leaving a trace behind. Then, Albert walked up to Charlie before asking, “Mr. Wade, are y

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