Chapter 423

Albert was stunned when he heard Charlie’s command. He picked up his dagger immediately before instructing his subordinates, “Come over here and hold onto his head for me.” Marcus was extremely frightened at this time and struggled, shaking his head desperately as he was unwilling to let someone engrave the words ‘pathetic jerk’ on his forehead. These were the two words that he would use to scold and speak ill of others every day! Over the past few years, Marcus’s family had come into some money, and ever since he had become a little wealthier, he had been acting even more like a tyrant. Whenever he went out and saw the garbage collectors, he would call them pathetic jerks. When he went out on the street and saw that other people’s cars were not as good as his own, he would also call them pathetic jerks. Some time ago, a high school student had accidentally poured a cup of milk tea over his Dior jacket. After that, out of anger, Marcus had beat the high school student until the st

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