Chapter 422

This way, she couldn’t delete it even if she wanted to. Next, the sound of crackling and smashing resonated endlessly. The brand-new Maserati was smashed into a pile of scrap steel very quickly. Marcus shuddered. He knew that he had made a big mistake this time, so he wrapped his arms around Albert’s leg and pleaded, “Uncle Rhodes, I’m so sorry, please forgive me, please!” “Forgive your head!” Albert kicked him hard on his chest. He turned to Charlie and asked, “Master Wade, how do you want me to deal with them?” Charlie glanced at Marcus, disheartened, and smirked, “Well, the kid is very interesting. He likes to curse and talk crap with that filthy mouth of his. Oh yes, by the way, I heard that some guys were dragged to the toilet to lick urinals two days ago for the same reason. Do you know about that?” Of course! It happened at Glorious Club. Jeffrey Weare had brought a girl with him and offended Master Wade. Then, Oscar, the head butler of the Moore family, forced them to li

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