Chapter 421

Mr. Hicks, the manager of Champs Elys Resort, was completely dumbfounded at that scene. He couldn’t comprehend what was happening, neither did his guards. None of them dared to move an inch. Marcus wailed loudly, “Uncle Rhodes, please stop! What the hell is going on?” Albert stomped on Marcus’s face while growling, “Marcus Lloyd, you feel so powerful and majestic because I treat you like my own nephew, don’t you? Huh! Who gave you the right to be so cocky outside?!” Marcus cried, horrified, “Uncle Rhodes, why are you so pissed? Tell me and I’ll fix it!” Albert kicked him while cursing, “Master Wade is my lifesaver, my hero, but you, b*stard, you insulted him! Go to hell!” Marcus realized that he had messed with someone he shouldn’t. He wailed and pleaded, “I’m sorry, Uncle Rhodes, I’m so sorry! I’ll apologize to Master Wade. Please, please forgive me! It’s all my fault! Please! I’m willing to compensate him for his loss!” Albert looked disdainfully at his Maserati and sneered, “

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