Chapter 390

After that, Claire said to Charlie, “Husband, go and pack up now!” Charlie nodded as he said, “Okay, I will go now.” Claire took out her cell phone before she said to Elaine, “I’m going to call dad and tell him that I’m moving out today. I won’t be living with the two of you in future. No matter what you do wrong in the future, I won’t blame you or scold you again!” Elaine panicked immediately. In this life, her one and only hope was Claire. Otherwise, if she had to depend on Jacob, she would never have the chance to turn things over in this life. This time, Claire seemed to have a very determined attitude. If she really called Jacob, then there would be no room for reversal. So, Elaine rushed over and hugged Claire’s legs before she cried and said, “Claire, please don’t leave me! Claire, please don’t leave your mom. I know that I’m at fault. I know that I’m in the wrong. This is all because I was petty and materialistic! I promise that I will change in the future, okay? Please

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