Chapter 391

Since Elaine had already admitted to her own mistake and guaranteed that she would never do something like this again, Claire became soft-hearted and she decided not to pursue the matter further. When they were both alone, Claire told Charlie, “Charlie, my mom is always like this. Please don’t blame her too much. As long as she realizes her own mistake and is willing to turn over a new leaf, we should give her a second chance.” What could Charlie say? After all, she was Claire’s biological mother and his mother-in-law. Therefore, he could only smile as he said, “I understand, Claire. You don’t have to worry about me. You can decide on this matter on your own. I’m your husband and she’s my mother-in-law, so I won’t blame her for anything she does.” Claire nodded before she hugged Charlie gently and said, “Dear husband, I’m really grateful to you. If it weren’t because of you, Mom and I wouldn’t have been able to leave that place alive…” Charlie smiled before he said, “Okay, don’t me

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