Chapter 389

At this time, Elaine heaved a huge sigh of relief before she patted her chest and said, “It’s a blessing! It’s really a blessing today! I was almost destroyed by Justin today…” Claire looked at her before she said helplessly, “Mom, can you have a conscience whenever you do anything in the future? Can you not be so materialistic and foolish? I don’t know what we would have done earlier. If not for Charlie, we’d both be dead today!” Elaine knew that she was wrong but she said in a reluctant manner, “What’s the matter? I’m also a victim in this matter! Besides, this incident only happened because of Charlie! Everything started from Charlie! If he did not provoke Jason in the first place, then we wouldn’t have encountered this kind of danger at all. This is all Charlie’s fault!” Claire was really angry at this time and she yelled, “You’re really unbelievable!” After that, Claire pushed the door open and she got out of the car before heading into the house immediately. When Elaine saw

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