Chapter 343

After taking a shower that night, Wendy only wrapped a towel around herself before she knocked on Kenneth’s room door. Wendy did not come out of Kenneth’s room again that night. Early the next morning, the expressions on Christopher and Hannah’s faces were very ugly, and they felt extremely embarrassed and awkward when they saw Kenneth walking down the stairs with Wendy. When Kenneth realized that the couple might not be satisfied with him because of the relationship between Wendy and himself, he quickly said without any hesitation, “I have decided to invest eighty million dollars in the Wilson family to help you rebuild the Wilson Group. To prove my sincerity, I want to transfer ten million dollars to the Wilson Group today. I will pay the remaining seventy million dollars to the Wilson Group within a month! As soon as he heard these words, everyone in the Wilson family was extremely excited. Christopher and Hannah no longer felt as embarrassed or uncomfortable as they did before

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