Chapter 344

She felt that she finally had a chance to shine! Kenneth continued speaking, “By the way, there will be a decoration industry summit in Aurous Hill in two days. I have also received an invitation to attend the summit. I will bring all of you with me on that day, and I will introduce the Wilson Group to everyone before making an announcement that I have already decided to invest in the Wilson Group! At this time, Wendy asked coquettishly, “Kenneth, how are you going to introduce me to everyone, then?” Kenneth smiled before he said, “You will have to suffer a little grievance for the time being, okay? I will tell everyone that I am your uncle. When the time is right, I will divorce that old woman at home, and I am going to marry you and make you my wife!” Wendy was overjoyed and she whispered, “Kenneth, that’s great news! I want to stay by your side and grow old with you!” Kenneth touched her smooth hand before he said, “Don’t worry, my love. I will make sure that both of us stay to

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