Chapter 342

Wendy knew that her future was very bleak. Lady Wilson wiped the tears off her face before she said seriously, “Wendy, you used to be the princess in our house. I have always spoiled you, your parents spoiled you, and your brother also spoiled you a lot. You did not focus on your studies, and even after graduating, you refused to go to work, but that was still acceptable then. However, that was all in the past. Our family is not what it used to be, now. Wendy, you have to change. You have to learn how to be more mature so that you can share some responsibility on behalf of the Wilson family. Otherwise, our family will only suffer more and more.” Wendy nodded before she said, “Grandma, I am sorry. I was too playful in the past and I did not learn anything at all. I am sorry that I could not do anything for our family…” Lady Wilson squeezed Wendy’s hand before she said earnestly, “Wendy, everything is already in the past. You are, and you will always be, my precious granddaughter. How

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