Chapter 341

Wendy ran out of the house after getting slapped by Lady Wilson. However, Christopher stopped her before she could run out of the courtyard. Christopher persuaded her to come back into the house, but she refused to do so. Wendy felt that the reason why she had ended up this way was because of Lady Wilson. If it weren’t for her, would she be in such a miserable state, then? Thus, Wendy was very angry at this time and wanted to run as far away from home as she possibly could. However, she dispelled that idea when she heard her father’s words. At this time, Christopher said earnestly, “Wendy, where are you going to go if you run away from home? You don’t even have a job, and you will have nowhere to live outside! After all, you are a girl, and it is impossible for you to go out to work so that you can rent a place to live now, right? I know that your grandma is wrong, but what else can we do besides sticking to your grandmother? After all, she is still the head of the Wilson family!”

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