Chapter 298

Jason laughed even louder when he heard Charlie’s words. “Charlie, are you addicted to lying? Do you even know your own place or status at all? Do you really think you have the qualifications to ride in this car?” Jessica also said disdainfully, “Claire, I am honestly disappointed that you have married such a useless person who likes to boast.” At this time, Claire felt completely helpless and could only stare at Charlie with a disappointed expression on her face. Was this guy seriously mentally retarded? Did he truly not understand the consequences of his actions even on an occasion like this? Charlie could not be bothered to explain himself, and so, he simply took out the two smart bracelet keys from his pocket before waving them in front of Luke who was in charge of the auto show. After that, he asked lightly, “Have you seen these before?” Luke was shocked when he saw the smart bracelet keys in Charlie’s hands. After that, he suddenly recalled what Graham had told him over the

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