Chapter 297

Jason was extremely frightened, but he was also very furious and angry at this time. He had gotten beaten up in the convention and exhibition center that he owned, and he even had to kneel and apologize to the person who had beat him up. Most importantly, he was beaten up and humiliated in front of Claire. This was the biggest humiliation that he had ever suffered in his life! However, Jason knew that he could not afford to provoke the Quinton family. Therefore, he could only curse at Charlie in his heart. He felt that all of this had only happened because Charlie was the one who had challenged him to touch the car. As a result, he had been beaten up and humiliated in front of Claire. He had to exact revenge on Charlie! He had to make him pay for what he had done today! At this time, Luke quickly ordered the security guards, “Okay, stop beating him already.” The security guards stopped hitting him immediately. The security guards working for the convention and exhibition center ha

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