Chapter 299

Everyone on the scene was shocked when Charlie unlocked the Aston Martin ONE-77 with the smart bracelet key. They could only exclaim in their hearts: The Aston Martin ONE-77 actually belonged to Charlie! Jason was also dumbfounded at this time. What was happening?! Wasn’t Charlie just a broke son-in-law? How could he possibly afford to buy such an expensive car?! Jessica was also stunned. “This… this is unbelievable. How could this man possibly afford to buy an Aston Martin ONE-77 when he was such a poor and useless man?” Then, Charlie led Claire to the passenger seat before smiling and saying, “My dear wife, why don’t you get into the car? I will take you for a spin!” Claire looked at Charlie with a confused expression on her face as she asked, “Charlie, is this car really yours?” Charlie nodded. “Of course. The key is already in my hand. Why would I lie to you?” After saying that, Charlie quickly whispered into her ear, “Wife, to be honest, Graham lent this car to me so that

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