Chapter 286

Charlie waved his hand as he said, “Okay, don’t worry. Just make sure to help me whenever I ask for your help in the future. I will not forget your contribution.” Albert quickly replied, “I will never let you down!” When everyone saw Charlie giving the magical pill to Don Albert, they were all shocked beyond words. Even though Don Albert had a reputation as one of the top mobster bosses in Aurous Hill, he was nothing to them. Hence, they could barely believe that Charlie would not hesitate to give someone as insignificant as Albert the pill simply because they knew each other. This… Charlie really treated his own people very fairly. Albert continued kneeling in front of Charlie as he wept. “Mr. Wade, I really did not expect someone like you to even think of someone as insignificant as me at all. I am truly very grateful for your kindness…” Charlie smiled before he replied, “Albert, to me, everyone in this world is equal. I do not judge a person by their status or identity, but

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