Chapter 285

To be honest, giving another pill to Jasmine meant nothing to Charlie at all. However, this was of great significance to Jasmine. At this time, Jasmine felt extremely touched and moved by Charlie’s action, and she felt that he was protecting and looking out for her. As Jasmine continued to stare at Charlie, he walked up to Zeke before holding out a pill. “Mr. White, this pill is for you.” Zeke shuddered all over and he quickly knelt like everyone else as he waited respectfully. Charlie placed the pill in his hand, and Zeke blurted out, “Thank you, Mr. Wade! Thank you for the medicine. I will unquestionably obey all of your orders in the future!” As he stared at Zeke who was kneeling on the ground, he said lightly, “Mr. White, your son and nephew have caused me a lot of grievances and anger in the past. If it were not for you, they would not be in this world anymore.” Zeke chuckled as he hurriedly replied, “Thank you, Mr. Wade. Thank you for your mercy and kindness.” Charlie sim

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