Chapter 287

Charlie honestly did not expect that these people would unexpectedly give him all these gifts. Moreover, the gifts that they were giving him were extremely expensive. Both sports cars cost at least forty million dollars each. The wine glasses from the Ming Dynasty were worth more than fifty to sixty million dollars. Moreover, Jasmine even wrote him a cheque for one hundred million dollars. To be honest, Charlie felt very indifferent toward all these gifts. First of all, a sports car was too showy, and he did not really like that. He did not like the wine glasses all that much either because he rarely used things like that. As for the money, the last thing he needed in life was money. However, when Charlie saw that the four of them were filled with so many expectations as they were eager for him to accept their gifts, Charlie thought for a moment before accepting their gifts indifferently. “Okay, I will accept these gifts. Thank you.” Since they wanted to thank him and follow

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