Chapter 221

Zeke quickly said, “Mr. Wade, it’s the peak hour now, the hardest time to get a taxi. Why don’t I send you there, if you don’t mind?” Claire was curious and skeptical about this coincidence, but she was too desperate to say no to the generous offer. “Thank you so much for the lift, Mr. White.” “You’re too welcome, it’s my pleasure.” Zeke hurriedly got out of the car and opened the door for them happily. Charlie simply rubbed his nose sheepishly without a word. He was well aware that Zeke had grabbed the best opportunity to flatter him, and coincidentally, he needed his help, so he didn’t refuse the offer. The driver drove in front while Zeke sat in the front passenger seat and started a casual conversation with Charlie. On the way, Claire listened to their conversation while a puzzling sensation brewed inside her. Zeke White was one of the successful businessmen in Aurous Hill that earned a much higher honor and reputation in the business circle as compared to Lady Wilson. Such a

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