Chapter 220

“That’s enough, Rambo. We’re having dinner here, get lost!” Charlie couldn’t care less about a small character like Rambo, so he waved his hand lazily and asked him to leave. Rambo bowed respectfully and said, “Okay, Mr. Wade. I’ll get out of here right now!” Then, he quickly retreated from the room like a pug. Jerry and Joanne were feeling extremely agitated and annoyed. Charlie, whom they had mocked and ridiculed in every possible way, had turned into Mr. Wade! What the hell was going on?! There had to be some sort of misunderstanding here. Charlie was just a deadbeat loser! Why did Rambo address him as Mr. Wade?! He wasn’t worth it! Douglas turned to them and said sternly, “You two, watch your mouth. Stay low-key and humble. You are wise enough to know what you can or cannot say out loud. Luckily Charlie was here today, otherwise, you guys would be in big trouble!” Jerry and Joanne stayed as quiet as mice after being beaten by Rambo. Douglas then turned to Charlie and said g

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