Chapter 219

Charlie stared daggers at them, but for Douglas’s sake, he couldn’t be bothered with these two idiots. Despite Charlie’s silence, Joanne and Jerry despised him even more for not defending himself after being ridiculed and insulted! What a loser! Jerry continued his insults, “Hey, in my opinion, Claire was truly blind. So many fine gentlemen in our class and yet, Charlie the loser was her final choice? Huh, such a waste!” In the middle of their banter, suddenly, the suite’s door was pushed open. Bang! Several brawny men in black barged into the room, and one of them, a young man with a crew-cut head and a cigarette in his hand said coldly, “Get out of here. I want this room.” Jerry frowned in annoyance. “What do you think you’re doing? Can’t you see that we’re having our dinner?” Then, he slammed the table fiercely and growled, “This is the Maple Hotel, first come first serve! Don’t you know the rules?” “First come first serve?” The fierce-looking young man came over to Jerry a

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