Chapter 222

In the office. Sitting behind his desk with his legs on the table, George stared at his phone intensely as he flirted with several women on a dating app. Just then, his phone buzzed, and a text message popped up. George pursed his lips in annoyance. As he reluctantly opened the text message, he saw that it was the interview schedule from the HR department. He frowned as soon as he laid eyes on it with a tinge of shock, and then he sneered sarcastically, shaking his phone at the people sitting next to him. “Hey, guess who came to Spikeworth?” Sitting on the sofa with George were Jerry and Joanne who were here to meet George in hopes of currying favor with him. Seductive enchantment radiated from Joanne’s body as she sat with her leg crossed in a low-cut body-hugging skirt and her wavy long hair cascading down her shoulders. She checked her nails arrogantly and asked, “Who is it?” “Charlie Wade and Claire Wilson!” George clicked his tongue in disdain and sneered, “Claire applied

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