Chapter 211

Jasmine could not understand what was happening. Why was she suddenly facing such a huge problem even though Master Lennard had already changed her fortune for her? Just then, the other party replied over the phone, “There is nothing we can do now, Miss Moore. The other party is demanding for us to pay compensation to them immediately. They refused to accept any of the goods at all.” Jasmine hurriedly asked, “Are you sure you are not making a mistake? Can you ask them to verify this issue again?” The other party quickly replied, “I have already asked them to verify the situation. However, even after checking the products twice, they insist that the products were not up to their expectations whatsoever.” Jasmine blurted out immediately, “I want you to check our export records immediately and find out who produced this batch of goods! I want you to find the person responsible for this matter so that they can explain everything to me as soon as possible!” After that, she instructed t

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