Chapter 212

When Charlie saw the sixty-inch television falling toward Jasmine’s feet, he quickly took a step forward and grabbed her hand before pulling her into his arms. The television set fell and hit the ground with a crash! The television casing and screen smashed to the ground, a piece of shattered plastic flying out and slashing Jasmine’s slender and fair leg. “Ahh!” Jasmine yelled out in pain as soon as she felt the sharp pain in her calf. When she lowered her head, she realized that there was a two to three centimeter-long cut in her calf, and blood started gushing out of the wound in a flash. Charlie hurriedly took out a piece of tissue from his pocket before kneeling down beside Jasmine and pressing the piece of tissue against her calf. After that, he asked, “Jasmine, do you have any first aid kit at home? We need to disinfect your wound immediately.” Jasmine was a little irate when Charlie touched her leg and she wanted to yell at him. However, when she recalled that Charlie was t

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