Chapter 210

Master Lennard quickly put the cheque away before walking over to the window and removing the green potted plant. Then, he placed the chalcedony stone by the window as he continued chanting his mantras. Charlie scoffed as he witnessed this scene. He realized that Master Lennard did not know what he was doing at all. Moreover, he had even caused a catastrophe by making the situation worse than it originally was! From the , Charlie had already studied a strange scenario that was similar to what he was witnessing in Jasmine’s room. He could feel a terrifying Feng Shui formation in this room, and he realized that the Feng Shui in this room was a ‘dragon encapsulation formation’. As the name suggested, even if a dragon was living under this Feng Shui formation, it would also be trapped. If so, how could an ordinary person escape this? Therefore, no matter how good a person’s fortune was, those who lived in a ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ would inevitably lose th

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