Chapter 200

Even though Gerald and Wendy were not officially married, both of them had already been together for the longest time. Some time ago, Gerald and Wendy had been careless, and she had even got pregnant unexpectedly. In order not to invoke any gossips or rumors, the old lady had asked Wendy to have an abortion and wait to have a child only after they got married. Unexpectedly, the White family was seeking to annul their engagement now! Didn’t this mean that Gerald had been playing around with her granddaughter all this while?! Not only that, but he was thinking of leaving after getting her granddaughter pregnant? Lady Wilson was furious, and she asked in a trembling voice, “Mr. White, what do you mean by this? The Wilson family has never offended you in any way! Moreover, we had always regarded Gerald as our own son even before he got together with Wendy. Wendy was even pregnant with Gerald’s child. Still, I asked her to get an abortion because I was considering our families’ reputat

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