Chapter 201

Lady Wilson was in utter shock. How had this happened? She could not believe that Charlie actually had the power to influence the White family to break the engagement with the Wilson family! She felt as though her heart was hurting as she thought about this. Lady Wilson wanted to beg Zeke not to abandon the Wilson family. However, the other party ignored her completely. After announcing that they would be annulling the engagement between Gerald and Wendy, Zeke turned around and left the Wilson family villa with Gerald immediately. Wendy broke down entirely and could not stop crying. She had been following Gerald around for so many years, giving him everything that she had. She had even been pregnant with his child, but still, he chose to abandon her at this time! She could not help but feel hatred and resentment toward her grandmother. Christopher was also feeling very depressed right then. He had acted and dealt with his brother’s family according to the old lady’s instruction

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