Chapter 199

At this time in the Wilson family villa. Lady Wilson and Christopher were waiting for Harold to bring back good news that he had successfully taken over the villa at Thompson First. However, they did not expect to receive news that Harold was gravely injured and that he had been arrested by the police, currently being detained on the grounds that he had broken into private property and caused intentional harm to others! This made Lady Wilson extremely angry! Lady Wilson spoke angrily, “This must have been done by Claire and her family again! This is really unacceptable!” Christopher was very nervous and started panicking when he heard that his son was seriously injured. He quickly said in agitation, “Mom! Jacob is being too arrogant! You have to claim justice for Harold! After all, Jacob has always listened to anything you say. If you tell him to stop whatever he is doing right now, he will definitely listen to you and act according to your instructions.” “Of course!” Lady Wilson

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