Chapter 190

Everyone in the courtyard was shocked at this time. The baton was made out of the hardest yellow elmwood and was extremely tough. Even two sturdy men would find it very difficult to break this baton even if they used all of their strength. However, in Charlie’s hands, the baton appeared to be as weak as a strand of noodles! After practicing the fighting skills in the , Charlie’s strength had already significantly increased, and so, these bodyguards did not pose a threat to him at all. Jacob heaved a huge sigh of relief when he saw that Charlie had already taken action. He did not expect his son-in-law to be so capable! It seemed as though the three of them would be able to leave the Wilson family villa safely today. The bodyguards at the Wilson family villa were all hired by Christopher, and he was very confident with their skills. However, the bodyguards were a little flustered when they saw how strong Charlie was. Christopher grit his teeth before saying, “Ch

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