Chapter 191

”Are you going to stand there and watch Harold commit murder?!” When Jacob saw Harold swinging an ax at Charlie, he could not help but roar out loudly in anger. However, at this time, Lady Wilson and Christopher could not be bothered at all. They continued to sit inside the house as they watched the fight that was going on in the courtyard, not even blinking their eyelids! The other members of the Wilson family also remained silent, as though everything happening right then had nothing to do with them at all. Moreover, at present, Lady Wilson was only interested in the villa. She did not care about anything else! Sometimes, the older a person was, the greedier he would be! Even in the past, the king would want to build a bigger, better, and more extravagant palace, going as far as to prepare a better tombstone for himself as he got older and older. Therefore, the older Lady Wilson was, the more she hoped that she would be able to enjoy the rest of her life better. The old lady

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