Chapter 189

In actual fact, Christopher had already carefully planned out everything with Lady Wilson last night. Moreover, he had intentionally invited all the respected elders in the Wilson family to attend the family gathering today. Christopher initially thought that Jacob would voluntarily hand over the villa if they forced him to do so. He had also planned to force Jacob to hand the villa over by threatening him if he refused to do so. Jacob had always been very timid, and he would always shiver in fear whenever his mother reprimanded him. Therefore, Christopher was confident that Jacob would certainly hand the villa over to Lady Wilson if she demanded him to do so. Besides, Christopher had no respect for Claire at all. She was a married woman, thus, she did not have any right to say anything. Moreover, she was even married to a piece of trash! As for Charlie, he could not even be bothered about him. He was just a mere son-in-law of the Wilson family who had no status at all, and he

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