Chapter 180

Wendy and Christopher could not accept this fact at all. It felt as though they were being slapped and humiliated in public! They really wanted to bury themselves in a hole right then. This was insane! Just then, an old man suddenly walked out of the villa. The old man walked towards Charlie before he asked in a respectful manner, “Hello, are you Mr. Wade?” Charlie nodded before he replied, “Yes, I am. May I know who you are?” The old man replied, “Hello, Mr. Wade. I am Mr. White’s butler and I am responsible for taking care of this villa. I am Barry Landon but you can call me Barry. I am in charge of the maintenance of the villa.” “Barry?” Wendy stared at him in shock as though she had just been electrocuted. Wasn’t Barry her fiancé, Gerald’s butler? Why was he here? Did this villa belong to the White family? If that was the case, then why was it given to Charlie? Wendy quickly asked, “Barry, what is going on? Does this villa belong to the White family?” Barry replied, “Yes

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