Chapter 181

Gerald was also stunned. The villa at Thompson First was the most valuable property owned by the White family. This house was owned by Zeke, the current head of the White family, who was Gerald’s uncle. Zeke was Kevin’s father, and Gerald’s father was only second-in-command. Even though Gerald and his father really loved Thompson First, there was no way they could afford such an expensive villa! Therefore, Gerald felt extremely shocked and uncomfortable when he heard that his uncle had actually given this villa to Charlie. He immediately told Wendy over the phone, “Wendy, give me a minute. I will ask my uncle about this.” Wendy hung up the phone before she glared at Charlie as she gritted her teeth and asked, “Charlie, what did you do? How did you trick Uncle White into giving you this villa?” At this time, Charlie replied in a light manner, “Mr. White offered me this villa on his own accord.” “You are lying!” Wendy suddenly blurted out. “You’re not related to the White family

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